The Journal of the National Hispanic Medical Association (JNHMA) provides a forum for physicians and other healthcare professionals to share the unique and important issues that affect the Hispanic/Latino communities. The Journal’s mission is to serve as an educational hub for topics regarding public health, health equity, and the health of Hispanics and other underserved communities in the United States and abroad.

Latest Issue: 

Migrant Clinicians Network: Championing Health Equity

                      Kim M. Nolte, Laszlo Madaras, Deliana Garcia, Amy K. Liebman

Highlights challenges migrants face in accessing quality healthcare in the US.Migrant Clinicians Network works to address these barriers, providing resources and support for frontline clinicians.


The Climate Migrant: Health Risks Before, During, and After Migration

Amy K. Liebman, Marysel Pagan-Santana, Claire H. Seda

Link between climate change and migrant health, identifying three migrant subsets affected by climate-relation health issues. Underscores need for improved clinician training and regulatory measures to address climate change.


Concurrent Validity of the PHQ-9 in English and Spanish

Robert S. Smith, Helen Salisbury

Under-diagnosis of depression in the US due to inadequate screening, particularly among Spanish-speaking individuals. Validates the Spanish version of the PHQ-9 questionnaire for depression screening.


Case Study: Urgent Medical Care for Asylum-Seeking Infant at US-Mexico Border

Deliana Garcia, Claire H. Seda, Laszlo Madaras

Case-Study of a 22-month-old presenting at immigration shelter with severe wounds.

The Association of Patient-Provider Language Concordance with Healthcare Comprehension Among Mexican-origin Latino/as in Oregon

Grace Parra, Emily Boniface, Sara Diaz-Anaya, Nancy Ledezma-Meza, Laura E. Jacobson, Blair G. Darney

The local Mexican-origin Latino community holds strong preference for language concordant providers. Patients with concordant providers demonstrated higher comprehension than using interpreters/translators

Perceptions of Accent Modification Programs: Assimilation or Racism?

Aimee Kabala, Eleazar Montalvan, Mariel Luna Hinojosa, Ahmed Al-Hader, Sylk Sotto-Santiago

Perceptions of International Medical Graduates (IMGs) on accent modification programs in the United States reveals concerns regarding racism, forced assimilation, and linguistic discrimination.


Medical Student and Faculty Attitudes Toward Translanguaging with Spanish-Speaking Patients

Kevin C. Tan, Josh L. Prada, Yoon Soo Park, Pilar Ortega

Spanish-English translanguaging in healthcare is common among Spanish speakers in America. Varied attitudes exist among medica students and faculty towards translanguaging practices, highlighting the need for improved educational approaches

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