NHMA Medical Education Partnership Program

The NHMA Medical Education Partnership Program is a multi-pronged approach to reach and engage with all levels of current and future Latine health professionals and leaders. NHMA has strategically developed various opportunities from faculty development, leadership development, graduate medical education, scholarships for medical students, and personalized mentoring for undergraduate students. To get involved, become a member and follow the links below to choose an opportunity that sparks your interest!

  1. Faculty Development
    1. NHMA Organizational Membership
    2. NHMA Leadership Fellowship Program
    3. NHMA Specialty Councils - networking, mentoring medical students/residents, residency-focused webinars
    4. NHHF Scholars Mentoring
    5. NHMA Council of Young Physicians - networking
  2. GME
    1. GME Office Meeting - communication to residents
    2. Council of Residents (COR) National Steering Committee
    3. Council of Residents (COR) networking with Hospital Liaisons from NHMA Chapters
    4. National Institute of Diabetes and Digestive and Kidney Diseases (NIDDK) / NHMA Travel Award Program and Alumni group
    5. NHMA Membership - for mentoring of medical students with Specialty Councils residency webinars
    6. NHHF Scholars mentoring
    7. LMSA Conference Exhibits
  3. Medical Students
    1. NHHF Scholarships 
    2. NHMA Pre-med and pre-public health mentoring opportunities
    3. Presenting poster research at NHMA Annual Conferences
  4. Undergraduate Pre-health Students (Medical and Public Health)
    1. College Health Scholars Mentoring Program - 1:1 mentoring from medical students, current public health masters students and recent grads, public health professionals, and physicians
      1. Private online community
      2. Tailored resources, internship opportunities, webinars, scholarships, and more

For questions about membership, chapters, or specialty councils, please contact Yanecia Green, Director of Membership and Chapter Development.

For questions about NHHF scholarship and mentoring please contact [email protected].

For questions about undergraduate mentoring, please contact Vito Gearity, Senior Program Manager.